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Equity, inclusion, and a diverse and welcoming care environment are deeply embedded in MNGI’s Culture of Caring. We are Caring People Caring for People. We recognize every member of our team as a caregiver and that we each individually and collectively contribute to our patients' care experiences, and therefore their healing. We strongly promote a Culture of Caring for our patients and each other.

The recent events in our community make it clear that now more than ever we must stand together in solidarity to listen, learn, and be the change in our communities to end racism, injustice, and health disparities. To support this movement, we will continue to embrace open communication, mutual acceptance, trust, respect, and empathy. 

An inclusive environment can only enhance the quality of healthcare. As we remain dedicated to providing our patients with the best care, we are also responsible for being the leaders our city, state, country, and world needs to drive inclusion and acceptance.