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Back to school is a time of new beginnings for your child. New classrooms, new teachers, new classmates, and new learning material will keep everyone on their toes to start the new year. But with all these changes, unhealthy habits can form quickly.

Here are some easy tips on how to make your child’s adjustment to a new school year healthy and positive.


Help Manage Stress

New responsibilities and schedules can impact your child’s stress levels. Heightened stress in childhood can lead to several health issues including an impact on their digestive health.

Make sure to help your child manage homework assignments, upcoming tests, and project due dates that are looming in the near future. By knowing what is expected of them, your child will be able to plan ahead and avoid stress.


Create Healthy Routines

All humans are creatures of habit! When we set healthy routines in our lives, we are more likely to make good choices in what we eat, do, and who we keep as company.

Set aside time every day for homework, healthy snacks, exercise, and time for your child to relax and be with their friends. Try making snack time an opportunity to show your child what foods are healthy rather than just having chips or cookies. Lots of fiber, water, and vegetables are great for your child’s GI health! Fruits like bananas or apples are easy to grab on the go rather than packaged foods. Or try new foods like kiwis for a special treat!

Remember to not overload your child’s schedule too. Kids need time to explore, play, and unwind to balance out the other expectations in their lives.


Have Fun & Be Supportive

Children are only children for a short time, let them enjoy it!

Are they especially enjoying a specific subject in school? Help them learn even more by visiting museums, watching videos online, or finding people in your network to talk to them about it.

Remember to always be supportive and encouraging when it comes to new classes, sports, or lifestyles they are living. Sometimes children need to test and try several things before they find something that “clicks” for them. The best way to make a new school year healthy for your child is to make sure they feel love and support from their family.


If you have any concerns about your child’s digestive care, contact the specialist at MNGI by phone (612) 871-1145 or request an appointment online here.