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We are thrilled to announce that MNGI Digestive Health has been recognized as a 2023 Top Workplace in Minnesota by the Star Tribune, a testament to the incredible efforts of our team. This prestigious honor reflects our organization’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment and highlights the collective dedication of our employees.

The 2023 list has MNGI Digestive Health ranked at #24 among large companies in Minnesota with 500+ employees.  That ranking is 7 spots higher in the list than we were ranked in 2022. MNGI is additionally proud to be the highest ranked healthcare practice in the large employer category.

This is the 14th year of the Star Tribune Top Workplaces and MNGI is honored to have received this honor every year that we have participated in the survey. For 2023, surveys were sent out to 124,719 employees in Minnesota and 73,329 responded, including the 959 MNGI caregivers that completed our Culture survey in March. A total of 323 employers made the winners list, including the Top 200 ranked companies in Minnesota. For Star Tribune subscribers, you can view the full article here.

At the heart of MNGI Digestive Health’s success lies our positive work culture. We believe that creating a nurturing and supportive environment is essential for the growth and well-being of our caregivers. From day one, we have fostered a culture of open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. We have encouraged teamwork and ensured that every employee feels valued and heard. Regular team-building activities, recognition programs, and opportunities for personal and professional development have been instrumental in shaping a harmonious workplace.

Recognizing that our employees are our greatest asset, we have placed a strong emphasis on empowerment. We firmly believe that when individuals are given the freedom to make decisions and contribute to the organization's success, they feel a sense of ownership and pride. Our leadership team has actively encouraged employee feedback, implemented suggestions, and provided autonomy within their roles. This inclusive approach has not only boosted morale but has also fostered innovation and creativity, resulting in improved productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the daily tasks; we strive to provide ample opportunities for continuous learning and growth. By investing in professional development programs, workshops, and mentorship initiatives, we encourage employees to expand their skill sets and achieve their career goals. This commitment to lifelong learning not only benefits the individual but also enhances the organization's overall capabilities. It fosters a culture of innovation and adaptability, positioning us as a forward-thinking workplace and contributing to our recognition as a top organization.

Ultimately, these initiatives we have put into place to improve the lives of our caregivers also impact our patients. When you are treated by a team of caregivers that love what they do and feel connected to their work, patients receive the best care possible. It is as simple as that!

Being recognized as a Top Workplace is a significant achievement that showcases the dedication and commitment of our organization's employees. Through a positive work culture, employee empowerment, and a focus on continuous learning, we have created an environment where individuals can thrive. We are proud of this recognition and remain committed to maintaining our status as a top workplace for years to come.