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MNGI Digestive Health strives to be consistent and compliant with the federal coding regulations set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We are not able to change coded charges in order to manipulate payment methodologies set forth by insurance companies.

Depending on the services which were provided during your visit, you may receive more than one statement for the same date of service. Some procedures have professional and technical components, which are billed separately. The professional component includes the actual procedure and interpretation of findings, whereas the technical component includes things such as nursing services, the procedure room and the equipment used to perform the procedure.

For example, if you have a procedure such as a colonoscopy, you can expect to receive more than one bill. Statements may be sent by:

  • The MNGI physician who performed the procedure
  • The hospital or MNGI endoscopy/ambulatory surgery center where you had the procedure
  • A pathologist (Hospital Pathology Associates), if a biopsy of a polyp or tissue sample was needed
  • A laboratory (LabCorp or Prometheus), if blood work was done
  • An anesthesiologist (and/or certified registered nurse anesthetist) if an anesthesia provider is involved in your care.

MNGI Digestive Health (Minnesota Gastroenterology) facilities are certified by Medicare and follow strict guidelines for facility (or technical) charges. The facility charge on your statement includes administrative and record-keeping services, housekeeping items and services, nursing services, services of technical personnel, facility use (preoperative areas, operating/procedure room and recovery room), diagnostic and therapeutic items/supplies, and anesthesia materials and supplies. These items are not individually priced.

The cost for your visit or procedure will depend on what service(s) you receive. We always encourage you to contact your health insurance company, as they will have the most up-to-date information about the status of your deductible and any co-pays. You can also click here to access our online price quotes and learn more about MNGI pricing for procedures, office visits and other services.

A referral, for health insurance purposes, is a written authorization prepared by the primary care provider or clinic and sent to the insurance plan to recommend that the patient see another health care provider (often a specialist). To obtain a referral, please contact your primary doctor or clinic.

If you will be having a procedure in addition to seeing a doctor, you will need two referrals: one to see the doctor and one for the endoscopy center/facility where you will be having the procedure.

Our web form submissions are monitored during regular business hours. You can expect a caring member of our team to contact you within 1 to 2 business days. To contact a representative immediately, please call 612-871-1145 and your call will be routed appropriately.

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