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You’ve grown used to that stubborn acid reflux, food sensitivity, or ongoing stomach issues after months or years of suffering. Maybe it’s hereditary or brought on by certain circumstances, but you’ve learned to self-medicate with a mix of home remedies or over the counter medicine. Maybe you’ve even seen your primary care provider about the concerns, just to find the issues return once again. You’ve accepted that this is your life and that it’s just something you must “live with”.

However, that isn’t the case. Did you know that gastroenterologists can help bring a diagnosis and relief for digestive discomforts? At MNGI Digestive Health, we can effectively treat and manage the pesky symptoms that have been a nuisance to your everyday life for weeks, months, or even years. MNGI’s providers will also make sure that the ongoing lack of treatment isn’t leading to anything more serious or concerning for the future.

MNGI Digestive Health’s renowned specialty care teams, approachable treatment solutions, assurance that there isn’t a more concerning health issue and the possibility of a happier life with less painful everyday symptoms are all reasons to make an appointment with MNGI today, and get care for your condition.

With several convenient locations around the Twin Cities, MNGI Digestive Health offers multiple centers of excellence for you to be treated for your condition. Our certified gastroenterologists are trained in all matters from heartburn to hemorrhoids, offering unparalleled experience and expertise when it comes to addressing your symptoms.

The anxiety surrounding medical treatment can sometimes be overwhelming. At MNGI Digestive Health, we pride ourselves in offering you the most healthy and holistic treatment plans so you can feel better faster. In fact, some people can find lasting relief in as little as one visit.

Can you imagine a life without the pain you have to live through every day? Give yourself the chance to lead a happier life free of harsh symptoms that interrupt your day or disrupt your sleep. You can stop avoiding the foods you love, looking for the nearest public bathroom, and stop worrying about being away from home for extended periods of time. It is all possible with proper care and treatment at MNGI.

Your symptoms are fixable, and you don’t have to live through them! MNGI’s specialty care, approachable treatment solutions, and the possibility of a happy life are all reasons to schedule an appointment to be seen. You don’t have to self-treat anymore. Do yourself a favor and come to MNGI for help. Relief is closer than you think!