Patient Research

MNGI Digestive Health patients are some of the first to receive new gastrointestinal (GI) therapies and treatments, many of which are available only through clinical research studies. Our studies target conditions of the upper and lower GI tract and are conducted under the supervision of a highly experienced research team. Team members include gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical research coordinators. Patient participants are provided with consistent, comprehensive medical care throughout the study process.

Research studies can vary in length and use a variety of techniques to gather required information, such as surveys and questionnaires. Patient responses to experimental medications, devices and procedures are routinely measured to determine their effectiveness in eliminating or reducing specific GI symptoms. Personal benefits, such as access to free experimental drugs, devices and procedures, are of interest to many patients. Others participate because they wish to further the understanding of certain GI conditions, diseases or treatments.

Enrolling in a Research Trial

Investigational drug trials are currently underway for patients with many types of GI disorders. If you would like more information about enrollment or participation in a clinical trial, select a GI condition from the list below and complete the inquiry form. A representative from MNGI's Research department will get back to you as soon as possible. (Note: Unless the study requires pediatric patients, participants in our clinical research must be 18 or older.)

Current Studies


If you have any questions, please contact our Research Department at (612) 870-5599.


Other Studies:

We also invite you to learn more about studies at the University of Minnesota. Click this link and complete the form to learn more.