Celebrating Valentine’s Day every year is a great way to show the people in our life how much we care. However, caring for ourselves is the first step in being able to show others love, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great first step! The latest ‘self-care’ trends stress the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health by checking in with yourself and making sure you are…
New cancer data was recently released by the American Cancer Society. The January 2024 report highlighted the fact that colorectal cancer rates are increasing among individuals under the age of 50. According to the findings, those diagnoses among people under 55 years have been increasing by 1% to 2% each year since the mid-1990’s. The report also projected that by 2024, approximately 106,590…
At MNGI Digestive Health, we love to highlight the dedication of our healthcare providers. In celebration of National CRNA Week, we had the privilege of interviewing Lead CRNA, Annette Combo, about her journey as a CRNA with MNGI. Annette has been with MNGI since 2017 and is one of MNGI’s newest lead CRNA’s based primarily at our Maple Grove Endoscopy Center and Clinic.  
MNGI Digestive Health has observed a concerning increase in cases of children inadvertently swallowing button batteries, which can result in severe complications and, in tragic cases, even fatal outcomes. Alarmingly, American Poison Control Centers report over 3,300 such ingestions each year, highlighting the urgency of this issue.
At MNGI, we are deeply committed to offering the support you need to maintain a healthy gut, and optimizing your nutrition is part of that solution. We understand that the food you choose to nourish your body plays a crucial role in ensuring your overall well-being. That's why we have collaborated closely with our team of Registered Dietitians to craft these straightforward recipes aimed at…
At MNGI Digestive Health, our Clinical Research work stands as a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional patient care. MNGI patients have the privilege of being among the first to access groundbreaking gastrointestinal therapies and treatments, thanks to the innovative studies conducted within our institution.
The start of a new school year brings with it a renewed focus on keeping our children healthy and full of energy as they embark on their daily journey of learning and growth.
At MNGI Digestive Health, we know that August is a month filled with joy and new beginnings for many families across America, as it boasts the highest birth rate in most years.1 As these bundles of joy make their debut, MNGI is here to ensure that these babies and their families enjoy a healthy and happy start.  
The beginning of summer marked the commencement speeches at colleges nationwide, where one speech stood out for its reflection on the lives of our loved ones who have battled challenging health issues. It also served as a call to action, urging individuals to prioritize their health.
The Gastroenterologists at MNGI Digestive Health are critical to our patients and our practice. They work hard to provide the best GI care each and every day, and while they are able to get to know our patients on a personal level, it’s not every day that our patients get to know them. For that reason, we are taking the opportunity to introduce you to our providers throughout the year.