Magnesium Citrate Nationwide Recall

Some versions of magnesium citrate (commonly used in colonoscopy prep) have been placed on a nationwide recall. Please pay close attention to your prep instructions.

  • If you scheduled your appointment after August 22nd, then you will have been given instructions for a prep that does not contain magnesium citrate. Please click here for those instructions and select the Standard or Double prep instructions under the heading 'Most Common Colonoscopy Prep Instructions'. You can also order a MNGI prep kit online.
  • If you scheduled your appointment prior to August 22nd and your prep instructions tell you to take magnesium citrate, the powdered version of magnesium citrate included in the MNGI prep kit has NOT been recalled and is safe to use. If your prefer an alternative prep, please click here for “No Mag Citrate” prep options or you can also order a MNGI prep kit online. If you order a Prep Kit, choose the “Standard” or “Double” version based on your current preparation documents.

Before purchasing Magnesium Citrate over the counter, please review this handout.

You can also read our news alert about the FDA recall here